Clarity. confidence. connection. 


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Clarity. confidence. connection.


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when you are  

Determined to Rise 

you will. 

lara jaye 

Feeling stuck is how your soul lets you know it’s time for change. 

Is this you…

Top of your game but still feel like you’re failing?

Close relationships crashing?

Your health taken a turn for the worst? Stressed?

What you used to do, doesn’t work any longer.

Feeling discouraged, stuck or frustrated?

If you’re curious what is blocking you from living at your highest potential, you’re ready to find out the answer.

Not that long ago, you could of said I had it all… a husband I loved, a wonderful family, a successful marketing company, a big home, and many friends. I had overwhelming abundance in my life. From the outside looking in.. things were picture perfect.

However, my outer trappings hid my inner emptiness. After my “perfect” world collapsed, I started to rebuild my life by discovering my own unique purpose. I knew a bigger life awaited me. No longer could my spirit be contained in the box into which I’d been shoving it. God illuminated my path, and I followed, learning to accept and love my imperfect self. Along the way, my dreams became reality. I connected dots to align my inner world to my outer one, and built a life I love.

Are you ready to be catapulted into a life of CLARITY with CONFIDENCE in yourself, and CONNECTION to God? Whatever is holding you back will be revealed. The inner turmoil will melt away as you come into alignment with the life of your dreams.

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Lara Jaye ignites a spark in leaders helping them to transform and expand their inner lives to align with their dreams.

See only love. Say only love. Be only love.

Lara jaye

nLara demonstrates a beautiful blend of
compassion and sensitivity coupled with
incredible strength.”

“Lara’s mentorship was such a gift and just what I needed!! It is a unique individual who can walk into your life and instantly gain your trust; This holds especially true when you are embarking on the exploration of not only personal or vulnerable topics, but also ones that have yet to be uncovered. (And, this trust is actually a big factor of even allowing for the discovery of new territory!) I think one of the biggest components that allowed for this immediate bonding, is Lara’s authenticity. Lara is someone that is steeped, and grounded, in herself; The type of grounding evidenced when someone has genuinely committed and been present to their own path and process.

With that, Lara demonstrates a beautiful blend of compassion and sensitivity coupled with incredible strength. She allows you to go wherever you need to go inside, inherently trusting your natural process, while also holding the bigger picture/goals you have set for yourself. She is a strong bright light that has had a meaningful and positive impact on my journey. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to illuminate their dreams and take flight!”


YOU ARE Limitless

You only have one life. How do you want to spend it? Worrying, regretting, and apologizing? Hating and abusing yourself? Playing small. Feeling numb and apathetic? Lost.

What if there was another way? What if you could trust and honor yourself? Feel joy. Satisfy your hunger for purpose and passion. Recognize that you are enough. Right now. Today. Always.

you alone are enough. you have nothing to prove to anybody. MAYA ANGELOU 

Be brave. Take risks. Listen to that voice inside of you telling you it’s time to believe in yourself. To believe in your dreams. It’s time to stop making excuses and make you a priority.

Are you ready to be a catalyst and begin living your limitless life?


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